Beyoncé took to the stage during the Renaissance World Tour wearing this sublime dress designed by designer Arturo Obegero in Leavers lace Sophie Hallette, the fruit of world-renowned craftsmanship.

It’s a tribute to timeless beauty and continuous innovation in the fashion industry. As Beyoncé embodies grace on stage, Sophie Hallette weaves elegance into every thread.

As a result, on September 19, Maison Sophie Hallette shone on the TF1 news. It was an extraordinary opportunity to unveil our history and share our savoir-faire with the general public, through several creations by famous houses such as Fendi and Alexander McQueen, or Beyoncé’s sublime dress for her Renaissance World Tour, created by the talented Arturo Obegero.

What’s more, in recent weeks Beyoncé has also had the opportunity to wear another lace model by designer Laquan Smith - a real source of pride for our French Maison!