Why did you choose to make dresses out of fabric waste? Was it an economic choice, or ecological, or esthetical?

Start from my this collection I chose lots of different laces and small pieces fabrics because of my inspiration and personal esthetically. I need lots of different color fabric to “painting” on tulle,and then I found out I can use fabric rags,this is the best way realized my ides and also an economic choice. During this process I always collect lots of different fabric rags after people cut fabric,otherwise people will throw all rags because those small size can’t do anything.
How did you choose your “wastes”?

Most of time I choose “wastes” depend on color and texture, sometimes I need lightweight “wastes” I will choose lace,tulle,if I need heavy weight fabric I will choose wool/velvet/cotton..rags. But I can use all rags if color is right for my idea. Sophie Hallette sponsored me lots of lace rags bags,they are so beautiful ,It’s not ugly because of smaller size. So I can use my technique combine all different fabric together.
How did you embellish them, making them go from “waste” to pure magic?

I use smocking machine to gather different “waste”,I always have sketches before I making new sample or looks,and then I will according to my sketches use different color rags draw on fabric. For me these rags fabric only separate from color,and then use them like “painting” on tulle.
Do you think fashion should be more engaged in ecological and ethical questions such as sustainability, waste reducing etc etc?

Yes, I think fashion should be more care about sustainability. After this collection,I find out the balance between ecological and esthetically, we are designers we can use our creativity to help our industry more sustainability, not only just talking but also action.
Do you have any role models in this field, designers or brands that embody this commitment?

Yes, I know one New York designer-Jussara Lee.