“Double Je” is the title of an exhibition that, from March 24th to May 16th at Palais de Tokyo* in Paris, features artistic craftsmen and artists. The event’s poster announces it as being “based on a book by author Franck Thilliez” and it came about thanks to a partnership with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

Isn’t it a bit unusual to feature one of the new prodigal authors of crime novels in an exhibition ? Let’s see … A craftsman, an artist and a criminal share one thing : a meticulous obsession with detail. Thus the pertinence of going behind the scenes into the daily lives of artistic craftsman to find ourselves in a crime novel!

The scenography, that looks like a movie set, recreates places evoked in the novel : a loft, workshops, a labyrinth … A life-sized game of Cluedo entirely furnished with pieces made by craftsmen and designers like Pierre Seinturier, Felipe Ribon, Maxime Leroy, Mathias Kiss or Jorge Molder.

And this is where Sophie Hallette comes on stage. The company’s tulles inspired textile designer Tzuri Gueta who associates traditional gestures with modern techniques (especially silicone). Sophie Hallette laces are also found in men’s clothing from the prodigious Ka Wa Key Chow, a recent graduate of London’s Royal College of Art and a finalist in the H&M Design Awards competition. Also to discover : raw material in “Identités multiples” (Multiple Identities), one of Sophie Hallette’s most unique, fascinating laces.

Clue : one surprising piece that associates the utilitarian with design (and with lace, of course) is hidden in the Garage… Can you find it ?!