A man drinking his coffee in a Chantilly lace T-shirt ? Or going out for the evening in re-embroidered tulle pants? The idea does intrique us.

But … lace definitely is an underlying trend currently shaking up masculine wardrobes (and habits).

Like all revolutions, it probably began with students when the end-of-year collections at fashion schools around the world began showing male models in skirts and flashes of colorful laces. Three prizes were awarded in this year’s Sophie Hallette University Design Challenge to Bianca Saunders, Rachael Eustace and Beth McCallium who each demonstrated a new, unique, pertinent way to use lace for masculine silhouettes.

Since then, the trend has gone mainstream. The Gucci ‘s Men collection for Autumn-Winter 2015 included an abundance of lace T-shirts. Danish designer Astrid Andersen introduced lace with an allover motif into a basketball-inspired universe. And in Givenchy’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection, Ricardo Tisci combined pleated skirts, oversized shirts and streetwear styles with extraordinary white shirts entirely covered in lace… even the ties.

This clearly audacious look that updates tailoring and formal wear, is a trend even Beau Brummell would have worn with flair!