Their names include Sergiy Grechyshkin, Philip Ellis or Jaeeun Shin and, as the students chosen for the 2016 Central Saint Martins’ June 1st press show, these are the names to watch. Sophie Hallette sponsored them by giving a grant to 13 students (9 of whom were ultimately selected for the fashion show) in the form of … lace, the most exceptional, inspirational laces to let their imaginations shine! And shine they did … with their impressive imagination, whether by reviving the silhouettes of valiant knights or provocatively baring the bodies of romantic ingenues.

The exuberant show was also an emotional moment since Willy Walters, director of the school’s fashion department for the past 24 years, is retiring. As a highly-respected figure in the industry, she has been able to spot each student’s uniqueness and push them to the maximum of their capabilities. She also has the ability to build self-confidence and encourage every student to go beyond their limits. Walters has played a pivotal role in building the school’s prestige as one of the most creative, visible fashion programs in the United Kingdom. Central Saint Martins’ amazing roster of former students include John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayn, Zac Posen, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Ricardo Tisci, Sarah Burton, Christopher Kane and Gareth Pugh.

No doubt Willy Walters’ final selection this year, to discover below, is inscribed in the same direction…

Central Saint Martins BA 2016 - Sergiy Grechyshkin on Vimeo

Sergiy Grechyshkin: ultra-experimental sensuality

As winner of the 2015 LVMH Grand Prize scholarship and the Sophie Hallette 2016 Award, this young Ukranian promotes “anything-goes” experimention and spontaneity by mixing laces and wires in games of transparencies … as strange as they are sensual. We love it!

Essie Buckman: extreme volumes

With her bubble skirts and XXL jackets, she multiplies shapes in dramatic silhouettes that are also extremely sexy and bling.

Dohan Jung: romanticism and layerings

The prestigious Inditex scholarship honored this Korean revelation whose layered silhouettes either used accumulated rips and tears to create feathery effects or used lace in delicate, off-beat ways for a disturbing romanticism.

Philip Ellis : le retour de la punk attitude

Il y a quelque chose de la Vivienne Westwood des débuts dans ces silhouettes punk mâtinées d’un soupçon de matriochka fleurie. Engagement politique garanti, de la part de celui qui est également l’une des jeunes pousses du collectif Vêtements pour la ligne Haute Couture.

Su Sang Hwang : l’homme poétique

T-shirts de dentelle et costumes fluides, un souffle de poésie minimaliste nimbe ces silhouettes monochromes qui transfigurent le menswear

Adnan Jalal Salman : le virtuose de l’art tribal

Finaliste pour la bourse L’Oréal, ce jeune étudiant détourne les folklores du monde entier, avec des silhouettes tribales qui témoignent d’une virtuosité technique impressionnante.

Deanna Fanning : pop eighties

Des minirobes pull et des étoles toutes en morceaux de dentelle : mélange d’esprit eighties, d’art de la maille et de couleurs vives, un talent très séduisant émerge.

Jaeeun Shin: the triumph of lace

A black dressing gown contrasted by a lemon yellow bag or a red bodysuit with endless sleeves … all in meters and meters of lace. An impressive balance between delicate fabrics and an energetic silhouette!

Jina Park: crazy cut-outs

Elegant, puffy shapes are made out of fabrics cut like paper while lace appliqués add an unexpected charm.