The street has spoken: nothing is forbidden anymore! A surge of democratization has broken down the final barriers of lace, up to now perceived as a material with an irreprochable elegance and absolute refinement, the epitome of total-look femininity. A lingerie camisole under a blazer, an embroidered dress with stilettos, a lace slip + denim: these clashes between tradition and modernity were a first step but the massive arrival of sportswear in the lace vocabulary marks a turning point. Sneakers, hoodies, knit caps, extra-wide sweaters or oversized coats: anything is possible in an amalgam of ladylike + cool, chic + sporty. Casual pieces downplay lace, making it easy to wear for any occasion. And the flip side of the coin? Lace can dress up, in a blink of the eye, an overly-relaxed silhouette. A significant detail: many brands this Summer covered their sneakers with lace appliqués like Superga who twisted a classic model with charming floral motifs … As for Nicolas Ghesquière, he hoisted fashion to the height of luxury in his Louis Vuitton Resort collection by adding white bands and zippers to transform a top in a marvelous Sophie Hallette lace.

A trend that also invades the masculine world: some recent Men’s fashion shows dared to use lace. How about a simple sweatshirt or a pair of sneakers to tone down a lace shirt or jacket? This direction was shown by Danish designer Astrid Andersen whose “premium casualwear” label fuses the worlds of luxury and sport: a lace T-shirt over jogging shorts, an XXL sweatshirt embellished with lace details.

Hundred-year-old Leavers looms + the latest sneakers or a top in a technological fabric: the street mood has never been so chic!