This is the pretext of the Textifood installation at Lille’s Natural History Museum, part of the Lille3000 event, after being shown at the World’s Fair in Milan.

The idea : present vegetation, and even animal fibers (shells, crustaceans), some radically new, others simply forgotten, to suggest ideas for ecological, sustainable or renewable creation. And also to open up a new field in creation inspired by these responsable textiles.

Artists like Coralie Marabelle, Christine Phung, Design Percept, L’Herbe Rouge, Egide Paris, Eric Raisina, Em Riem, Ditta Sandico, Kristian Von Forselles, Dognin, Gary Cass & Donna Franklin or Jonas Edvard present works that use natural, but definitely modern fibers. And playful pieces appear sporadically in the event, for example in September the On Aura Tout Vu collective showed a dress made of forks, a jacket decorated with PVC lemon slices and a trench coat printed with XXL sugar cubes.

All this … surrounded by a sumptuous Sophie Hallette bobbinet tulle that covers the windows in the bird hall. The company, always sensitive to natural fibers while being experimental and avant-garde in its approach, couldn’t miss participating in a key event in its own region that sprinkles innovation … with a gourmet touch. So would you like another piece of T-shirt with orange ?!

Until January 17, 2017 / For more information : http://www.lille3000.eu/milan2015/fr