The Rebel.

Rebellious. Idealistic. Committed. The rebel imposes her unique, modern take on lace and it is a vision with an irreverent edge and perfect for the androgynous trend, which was first introduced in the 1960’s, but which has been gaining prominence recently.

Graphically powerful Op Art and Geometrics feature in the classic black and white combo, but sometimes infused with a colourburst of ultraviolet neons. Uber-contemporary favourites such as Nude, Brown or Mustard are shot with disruptive Acid Yellow; Cool Greys are paired with Light Indigo; whilst White and Cream meet Cyan! Extravagant, decadent and inventive.

Technologically, this trend makes exciting use of holographics and lasers, along with thermochromic and phosphorescent applications on a multitude of different fibres.

Shown here is a lace with over-blown flowers which has been injected with hard silicone on a hand-painted tulle background.

Sophie Hallette are showing these exciting new designs at their Stand Number 5H4 – 5J7

at Premiere Vision in Paris on 15th -17th September 2015