Spring / Summer 2018 Collection



A source of life and a symbol of voyages to the far corners of the world with its hidden treasures, fabulous legends and bewitching naiads, so essential in the universe of fashion that adores recycling the nautical codes, vaunted by painters and sung by poets… What other element could be better than water to inspire us this season?!

Graphically draw from nautical codes (sailor stripes, knots, nettings), motifs dare to become figurative but suddenly … splash!

Embroidered bathers seem to plunge back into the lace at whim!

Movements and textures take the helm: undulating algae, coral, shells and crustaceans overflow on lace, pebbles scatter their rounded corners while micro-textures, embossings, 3-D printings and rough embroideries form layers, pleats, folds and wet looks.

Stories of water. Stories of lace. All aboard!


Take the plunge into the new Sophie Hallette & Riechers Marescot Collection:


Paris Nord Villepinte

7-9 February 2017

Stand 5H4 – 5J5