This week, fashion and luxury meet up in Copenhagen for the world’s large event on sustainability!

The objective of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s 5th edition? Imagine solutions for confronting the key ecological and ethical challenges of tomorrow.

Included in these initiatives is the presentation of a new revolutionary tool, the Provenance platform, an instrument that helps trace materials. With a smartphone and bar code, anyone can locate the country – and even the region – where the cotton used to make a favorite lace was grown thanks to the blockchain technology. More than just a simple identity card, this is a true genetic map for each component of a garment. A huge step forward for today’s clients who will now have all the information they need to make a conscientious choice!

Provenance Sophie Hallette

Provenance application allows to trace the provenance of every garment’s component

………………….6. Martine Jarlgaard London - Hallucinations Turtle Neck Top worn with Window Trousers - preSS18 - Fashion Summit - Copenhagen Fashion Summit - _MG_7765 7. Martine Jarlgaard London - Fragile T-shirt worn with Painting Gold High Waist Trousers - preSS18 - Fashion Summit - Copenhagen Fashion Summit - _MG_7875

……………………………………………………………“Fragile, A State of Emergency” collection by Martine Jarlgaard – laces and tulles by Sophie Hallette


The Copenhagen Fashion Summit with its “technological arsenal” is the ideal decor for Martine Jarlgaard to present her collection. This young, audacious Danish designer, a purveyor of beautiful materials and innovation, fine-tuned her skills at Vivienne Westwood Red Line in London. She believes that innovative design, fashion and the preservation of our natural resources all go hand-in-hand. So naturally, she chose Sophie Hallette laces for her capsule collection entitled “Fragile, A State of Emergency”. What better way to speak about beauty, nature… and what really affects us today!


“Fragile, A State of Emergency” by Martine Jarlgaard

 Photo credits: Marco van Rijt