Tiffany is the perfect example of Sophie Hallette savoir-faire.
It originates from 1968. Up to then fashion had been all about corded laces but, driven by a younger, more style-savvy customer who wanted to distance herself from previous generations, our design teams responded to the new and ‘groovy’ needs of the Swinging Sixties, and Tiffany was born.
Using a totally innovative technique on our famous Leavers Lace machines,  the yarn itself filled in the pattern rather than simply
surrounding it… in the process creating a 3D effect for the first time. 
Tiffany was a huge success but, as with many designs it was eventually archived. 48 years later it was rediscovered and given a modern facelift by adding a touch of metallic magic for a 21st century facelift.

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Opulent in the extreme, metallic lace lights up not only the night, but also adds a touch of flamboyance to daywear.
Metallics…  gold, oxidised silver, copper or black… add a patina of brilliance to take lace from demure to divine.