“Exterieur nuit” is the name of a movie, but also a sofa dressed to the nines … a sofa in fancy dress, a couch … in lace ! Like a cinematographic marvel, the turquoise cotton velvet and black lace sofa appears to have emerged from a 1970s baroque melodrama by German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

This exceptional piece is the result of a collaboration between Sophie Hallette, of course, Gilles Nouailhac furniture and designer Hervé Matejewski, whose lamps and decorative accessories immerse us in a universe mixing fantasy, elegance and dreaminess. This sofa may be a crazy dream … but it is certainly ideal for reveries !

CLU5-CanapeCluny-ExtNuit-faceCLU5-CanapeCluny-ExtNuit-34dos CLU5-CanapeCluny-Extnuit-34face